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Weddings, Wedding VenuesNuova Vita LLC, Best Wedding Dresses in Miami - 2014 Couples' Choice Award Winner

"Francesca provided bridesmaid dresses for my daughter Nekeisha Daley's wedding. Dresses were so easy to style for each girl. Francesca took the time with everyone and made our experience painless, and the prices on dresses are very reasonable. They offer a lot of colors to choose from I was very satisfied. Francesca Thanks for making my daughter's day very memorable & easy."  

- Sharon Daley



"My bridesmaids looked wonderful & they received so many compliments on their dresses. My Maid of Honor changed her style @ the reception... one word... Versatility! I'm very pleased with the high quality product and professionalism we received.’’

- Tameka Blackstone



"These dresses provided by Nuova for our wedding was top quality and perfect for our destination wedding. Each bridesmaid got to wear the same dress but wrap it in a different style and they love it. It's a dress you can wear over and over again!’’

- Bernadette




"My daughter had a small wedding party. We purchased their dresses from Francesca after reading her reviews online. We received them in about 3 weeks as promised. They came out beautiful. They were absolutely perfect. They looked gorgeous on the girls at the wedding. I would highly recommend ordering Francesca's dresses. They will be worn again and they can be washed and dried in the washer and dryer. We ordered a blackberry color which is a dark purple"

- Denise



"These dresses were amazing! Every one of my bridesmaids voted this dress their favorite. They photographed beautifully, they were extremely comfortable and the best part was that every girl felt comfortable wearing it, as they could choose the style which best fit their body type. I'm beyond happy with the dresses, I would definitely recommend them to other wedding parties!

- Cassandra




"Francesca was so amazing to work with.  The Nuova Vita dresses were exactly what I was looking for for my bridesmaids dresses!  The wrap style dresses were the perfect solution for my many shaped bridesmaids, each of them got to wrap, tie and twist them into a style that flattered each of their body types.  The fabric and the color choices were fantastic too.  We didn't have to worry about alterations or even wrinkling!  The jersey was the perfect look for our wedding.  Francesca was so accommodating and gracious as a vendor, I would reccommend her dresses to anyone!" 

- Tiffany Haugland



"All I can say is this is the place to buy your bridesmaids dresses. All my bridesmaids loved the dresses and they will wear them again and again because they are so easy to change the style to dressy or casual even wear as a skirt. I also have purchased a lavender dress for an event I went too. The dresses are great for weddings and girls, you can wear them to cocktail parties, and on vacation (they pack very well, and do not wrinkle). Thank you so much the service was fabulous and value is great because you can wear it again, you really can never say that with bridesmaids dresses!’’

- Amanda Henning


Rachel Westberry


"I am so happy with my choice to use these beautiful dresses for my bridesmaids! Francesca went out of her way to find the exact color I was looking. Francesca was also very flexible when it came to scheduling appointments for my 6 bridesmaids. The dresses turned out beautiful and I got so many compliments on them at my wedding!"


- Rachel Westberry



Meredith Champlin


"Thanks for the email and the card.  The wedding was wonderful and the dresses were fabulous.  The color looked amazing!!  I would be happy to serve as a reference if you ever need one.  They worked out great!!"  

- Meredith Champlin




"I originally saw this style wrap dress on TV a few years ago. When it came time for my sister to marry I showed her and we went to the designer that we had seen and sub sequentially were very disappointed with their company and price. After some research we found one other company who's sample was even worse, and then finally we found Nuovavita and Francesca. Nuovavita offeres a similar style dress in a larger variety and is better made and priced as well. 

All 3 brides Maids in my sisters wedding party had different body types but we all looked fabulous in the dress Fancesca designed. The dresses (and I have been to FIT so I know about construction) were made very well and far superior to the one we had seen and tried on in NY. Unlike the competitors, Fancesca's dresses are quality, the bust is lined and the seams are all stitched well allowing the dress to fit correctly and be far more flattering to a womans body. In my opinion twice as much work goes into the construction of her dresses than the others, yet her price is considerably lower you will not find better anywhere!

I can not recommend Nuovavita enough, if you are looking for an amazing dress either for a wedding or another event that you will actually be able to wear again you have come to the right place. I have been to some very big weddings including some celebrity weddings and never have I seen prettier or more flattering brides maids dresses than the ones we wore the other day. Thank you so much."

- Susan Beshar-Dedona



"Francesca's dresses are absolutely gorgeous! I initially discovered Nuova Vita/Francesca at a bridal show called Bride's Against Breast Cancer in August of 2010. The moment I saw her gold shimmer satin dress on display- i knew I had found exactly what I was imagining for my bridesmaids. I didn't want those notoriously, stereo-typical, unattractive bridesmaid's dresses that all look the same. Nuova Vita dresses allow each bridesmaid to highlight their own attractive figues and features through the various ways the dresses can be styled. Not only are the dresses beautiful- but Francesca taught my bridesmaids how to style themselves and provided superior service while doing so. Francesca even came the day of my wedding (7/16/11) and helped to style my girls. (She even gave advice with my own hair/makeup and helped out in the normal choas before my wedding). Not only is she sweet and professional, but i have truly appreciated her friendship throughout my entire engagement. Thanks for all your hard work Francesca. Best of wishes in your future career endeavors."

- Jamie Traino



"The Nuova Vita line is exquisite! Not only did the dresses make my wedding amazingly stunning and stand out from the rest; but I also got a dress & a bathing suit for the honeymoon! Since the wedding I, along with all of my friends, have continued to buy anything & everything that they come out with. The quality and diversity has never been short of perfection. We are stopped every where we go with people complimenting our style, and we owe it all to Nuova Vita!!"

- Sabrina Tongren



"Francesca was so extremely helpful on my wedding day, and before when ordering the bridesmaid dresses. I live in California, but my wedding was in South Florida. I met with Francesca, at her shop, to look at her beautiful bridesmaid/ convertible dresses. Francesca tied us up in various styles, each one prettier than the next. We chose a style, and she offered tons of colors, even some new custom colors, one that matched perfectly for my wedding. Ordering was super easy for all my girls, who ordered over the phone, in easy to decide sizes (s/m/l etc.). No crazy dress size that is five sizes too small or big, all of the bridesmaid dresses fit perfectly once they arrived. All just like the sample I had picked out, same fabric, color, no surprises. The best part was that Francesca came the day of to tie all of my bridesmaids, in the style they wanted. The dress is so awesome because it can be worn so many different ways. The day of was kind of hectic, and without Francesca, we would have never been ready in time. All of the bridesmaids loved their dresses, and they all looked so beautiful in their dresses. I ordered a dress in white for my honeymoon b/c I loved it so much! Francesca's product is awesome, she has different fabrics, styles (lengths), and plenty of colors. She gives great customer service, and is super easy to work with. She also communicates a lot, which was a must for me being an out of town bride. She provided the perfect bridesmaid dresses!"

- Cassidy R. Dumas


"LOVED, LOVED, LOVED!!!!! I originally ordered the one tone dress for my bridesmaids because that is what they wanted, but I special ordered myself a two tone dress for my engagement party. Once my girls saw the two tone, they all changed their minds. It looked great on everyone and they loved that is was the same dress but they could all wear it differently. It is very versatile, put some heels on and it's dressy or tie it as a bandeau and throw on some sandals for a casual look. It is also lightweight and movable, great for dancing and fun! "

- Jessica Ciferri




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