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Convertible Dress_Maternity Gown_Maxi _ Mint_Nuova Vita

Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is such an amazing time in your life as you begin to grow a little miracle inside your belly. To match the joy you feel, wear something that makes you feel just as beautiful. Nine months is a long time and you need something comfortable to wear that grows with you. A convertible dress doesn’t just grow with your belly, it grows with your whole shape. The benefits of buying a convertible dress during pregnancy, is you can change the style, so you look and feel like you are wearing a new outfit every time.

Not to mention the fabric I use is soft and luscious and tailored to show off your beautiful new shape. Elegance is not lost with this comfortable yet glamorous outfit. Not only do you look good you can feel comfortable too, which is very important during pregnancy.

Tara Belle recently wore Nuova Vita’s mint signature convertible maternity gown to her pregnancy photo shoot. “After slipping it [the gown] on, I was totally in the mood to snap some pics. It is totally convertible and fitted for any bod (pregnant or not) which means I’ll be styling it for many events to come!” said Tara Belle in her latest blog Field of Dreams.

Convertible Maternity Gown_Mint Gown_Maternity Maxi Dress_Maternity Photoshoot_Nuova Vita Convertible Maternity Dress_Mint_Nuova Vita

In these photos, she had contractions 12 minutes apart but you wouldn’t have guessed, with her looking so stunning!

Pregnancy is such a delicate and special time, why not make yourself feel just as stunning with Nuova Vita’s collection of maternity wear. Wear it for a walk in the park or to a fine event. Wherever you decide to step out in one of Nuova Vita’s convertible dresses, you will feel like a goddess.

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XO - Francesca

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