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Airbrush Makeup for Your Wedding



Airbrush Makeup, are you familiar with it?

I was first introduced to airbrush makeup when I was on the hunt for a makeup artist to do my makeup on my wedding day. During this time I was having issues with my skin and I really wanted my makeup to look great for the wedding. I also do not wear a lot of makeup and I hate the cakey makeup look so I researched the idea of airbrush makeup. After a few trials of traditional makeup application I found Karen Abitol ( She used the airbrush technique, and within a few minutes of the application my skin looked flawless! I was shocked, the airbrush makeup not only felt like I didn’t have anything on, but it covered up every imperfection that I had. I was in LOVE with this technique. I was in Skin Nirvana and I needed this machine!

There are many different airbrush machines on the market many of them are for professional makeup artists. Luminous Air is another airbrush makeup brand which I’ve tried but the machine broke and it would also get clogged with makeup all the time. Then I came across the Temptu airbrush makeup system in Sephora, you can also go to directly to the Temptu website ( I remembered Karen the make up artist from my wedding tell me she used Temptu airbrush make up because it was water based which is better for your skin. Needless to say, I bought the machine $225.00. I am not one of those people who waits to try things out so as soon as I got home I had to try the system. It was so quick and easy to use and there was no clean up unlike the luminous air brand, which you need to clean everytime you use it. With the Temptu brand the makeup is in these small makeup pods (as seen above in picture) they click into the system for use. The system is very easy to use and again I was able to achieve the flawless complexion that I had on my wedding day!

If you are getting married and do not know if you should go with traditional makeup or airbrush makeup, I definatley recommend airbrush. Your skin will look flawless, you feel like you have no makeup on, your makeup stays on for hours with out any type of reapplication of foundation. To me its a no brainer. And if your anything like me and obsessed with achieving a flawless complexion you can DIY and buy the Temptu airbrush system as well.

xo Francesca

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