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5 Stages of Valentines Day


LOVE…it comes in different shapes and sizes, and means so many things to so many people.

As I was sitting there tonight watching my 4 year old make Valentines Day cards for her class it made me realize how the meaning of Valentines Day has changed to me as I have become older.

There are so many different stages of Valentines Day depending on where you are in life, but I have to say my Valentines Day plans for this year is exactly what I would want.

1.Infancy: When we are young mom and dad may have given you a card and some candy and tell you how much they love you. In school your teacher may have had Valentines Day party for the class and the kids hand out cards to their classmates.

2. Teenagers: When we are teenagers our ideas of Valentines Day start to change as we may have made a card for crush of ours, saying Do you Like me check yes or no.

I remember being in the 7th grade and it was the time when Valentines Day had changed for me. We were out of elementary school and in middle school now. All the girls were all so excited about Valentines Day and to be honest I could have cared less. I cared more about my best friend and playing soccer. All day in the halls girls are carrying flowers, cards, and candy. My best friend was one of them, and I didn’t receive one card. I remember feeling so upset, and thinking What kind of Holiday is this?

3. College: Unless your in a relationship you were most likely going out with your girlfriends on the Anti Valentines day gig dancing the night away.

4. Adult: If your in a relationship you are most likely planning every detail and have been figuring out what to get your boyfriend for the last month.

5. Married with kids: You may be asking yourself What day is Valentine’s Day? Going out with your husband for dinner and hiring a babysitter, or staying in.

For us this year we will be making a special dinner as a family that will most likely end up in a dance party and there is no other place I would rather be.

Happy Valentines Day!



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